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Mission Statement

Plymouth Center School, a unique learning community, strives to awaken the natural curiosity and love of learning in all of our students while providing a supportive, safe, and nurturing environment. We are committed to each and every child, affording them their right to learn and achieve their highest level of proficiency in essential academic, technological, and artistic skills, while fostering respect and social, emotional, creative, and physical development. Our diverse learning environment affords everyone the opportunity to maximize their potential toward the ultimate goal of living a purposeful, contributing, and fulfilling life.

About PCS

The Plymouth Center School is a beautiful Pre-K to Two school housing approximately 370 students. The learning community is rich with diversity. The staff works together to identify specific needs of the learners and develops improvement plans to assist every individual in meeting success.

In order to promote a positive school climate for all, we have introduced elements of the Responsive Classroom model. Each day in each classroom, Morning Meetings take place as a way of creating a supportive classroom environment. Teachers have been accessing several resources offered through the Northeast Foundation for Children, in order to implement effective management strategies that support student success. To support our school-wide efforts toward a positive climate, a Character Counts Committee was formed during the 2007-2008 school year.

The staff of Plymouth Center School is committed to the process of school improvement. As part of our commitment, we have several active staff committees that engage in reflection on Best Practices - particularly in the areas of curriculum development, instructional planning, effective assessment, differentiated instruction, and inclusion. These discussions take place as part of our EIP Core Team, Strategic Planning Committee, Common Grade Level and Team Meetings, and our Teachers as Readers Committee. The Teacher as Readers Committee, now numbering at 19, is a particular source of pride to our school. The reading and subsequent reflection has sparked incredible professional growth among staff.

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