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Program Hours: 8:50AM - 2:50 PM

Breakfast and Lunch Provided

Mission:   EdAdvance Head Start: Prenatal to Five provides safe and healthy environments that foster relationships with children and families, assuring school success and a love of learning.

At Head Start, we deeply value the involvement of families in their child's early learning, social, and cultural experiences.

We look forward to working with you.
Program Description:
We are dedicated to working in partnership with families and communities to enhance children's social competence, to provide families with opportunities to grow and develop, and to prepare children to enter kindergarten with the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Head Start provides an array of services for children and their families including: education, health, nutrition, social services, and parent engagement. The program is individualized to meet the needs of all children, including those with special needs and multiple challenges.

EdAdvance does not discriminate in any of its programs, activities, or employment practices on the basis of race, color,  national origin, sex, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, veteran, marital or familial status, ancestry, genetic information, gender identity or expression, or any other basis prohibited by law. To file a complaint of discrimination write USDA Director, Office of Civil Rights, Washington, DC 20250-9410.
Eligibility: EdAdvance's Head Start Programs operate within certain income guidelines for families.  For instance, families receiving Temporary Family Assistance or Social Services are automatically eligible for participation, as are all foster children.  To learn more about our income guidelines and how we may be able to serve your family, please contact us at 860-689-6832.
communication graphicCommunication:
Communicating with us about your child will help us provide the best support throughout your child's day at Head Start.

Please help us keep current with information on your child. Here are some of the items that are important to share:
• Health: Illness and injuries, health concerns, any new diagnosis or treatments
• Medications being given to your child
• Family changes that might affect how your child is feeling
• Emergency Card Updates
Emergency Cards:
Emergency ContactEmergency Cards are used in cases of illness, accidents, emergencies, early closings and release of your child to authorized individuals.  We need to have working phone numbers at all times.  Please remember to notify staff of all changes.

Parents and other individuals authorized to pick up your child will need to have a photo ID available and be at least 14 years of age.

 School Crossing
Late Arrival Policy:  (Classroom Phone: 860-709-2830)
A late arrival policy us put in place to assure that children and staff have a smooth transition into their day.  Children who arrive after the start of class may have difficulty transitioning, or may miss important learning opportunities such as opening circle.

Teachers also have the responsibility of placing the daily food order at the very start of the program day.  Your child's prompt arrival is necessary for ordering the correct number of meals.

If your child will be late for any reason, the teachers should be called (860-709-2830) prior to the start of the classroom day so that a lunch will be available for him/her. If you do not notify the teachers of a late arrival you may be asked to bring an approved lunch for that day.

Unfortunately, teachers are not able to spend time talking with parents once class begins.  Parents who wish to speak with the teacher should make an appointment for another time or come in the following day prior to start time.

Thank you for working with us to assure that everyone - children, staff and parents - are prepared for a successful day.

Physical and Dental Exams
Head Start requires all children have an annual physical exam and immunization.  This is a condition of attendance.  You will receive a reminder when the exam comes due.  Dental exams are recommended every 6 months but required annually.  Please make every effort to keep all medical and dental appointments or cancel early when necessary.  Head Start will assist you as needed in finding a medical and dental home, medical insurance and obtaining health care.

School Readiness  Goals

EdAdvance Head Start: Prenatal to Five has developed 17 goals that will prepare children for school success  
 super goals

By engaging with your child in these fun learning activities you will partner with us to assure your child's school readiness.

Children will meet or exceed their weekly held expectations in:

  1. Controlling large muscle for movement, navigating and balance.
  2. Demonstrating use of a variety of materials that promote eye-hand coordination and small muscle development.
  3. Demonstrating healthy relationship and interactions adults and peers.
  4. Recognizing and regulating emotions, attention, impulses and behavior.
  5. Showing interest in varied topics and activities, the desire to learn, creativeness, and independence in learning.
  6. Demonstrating the ability to comprehend or understand language.
  7. Demonstrating the ability to use language.
  8. Children who are dual language learners will meet or exceed program expectations in demonstrating competency in their home language while acquiring beginning proficiency to comprehend and to speak English.
  9. Showing interest in books and their characteristics, and in the ability to understand and get meaning from stories and information from books and other texts.
  10. Associating names and sounds with letters.
  11. Recognizing the association between spoken and written words.
  12. Using different forms of writing such as drawing, letter like forms, invented spelling and conventional words for communicating ideas.
  13. Understanding that numbers are used for counting and represent quantities and have ordinal properties.
  14. Demonstrating recognition of patterns, sequencing, and critical thinking skills necessary to solve problems, predict and classify objects in a pattern.
  15. Demonstrating an understanding of attributes and relative properties of objects as related to size, capacity, and area.
  16. Demonstrating use of voice and instrument to create sounds and use of the body to move and express oneself.
  17. Demonstrating use of a range of media and materials to create drawings, pictures, or other objects.

 school closings
School Closings and Delays
4-Hour School Day
(Planned Half Day)
 4 Hour School Day
(Early Dismissal)
2-Hour Delayed Opening
In the event of Inclement Weather, all children will be dismissed at 12:30 PM, and lunch will be served at 11:45AM. 10:50-2:50PM

No Breakfast will be served. 
When the Plymouth Public Schools have a delay or closing, Blackboard Connect will automatically dial the phone numbers.  The phone call from Blackboard Connect will be (860) 567-0683.

Plymouth school cancellations, late openings or early dismissals due to inclement weather or other emergencies are broadcast over television WVIT, WFSB, WTNH and the following radio stations: WTIC, WKSS, WDRC, and WRCH. 

Let's Go!  Head Start 5-2-1-0
Building Healthy Children, Families and Communities

 Let's Go
Click on image above to go to Federal Website for 5-2-1-0

  In Kind

Take a moment each month to record the number of hours you've spent performing the activities at home that you see on the Parent Monthly Goal & Progress Form.  Your child's teacher prepares this form for each individual student as a way to keep you informed of your child's progress in the classroom. Each month you will receive a list of activities on this sheet which correspond with a goal your child is working on. Working on these activities with your child will help them to successfully master those goals! Send the form back when you have completed the activities.

EdAdvance Head Start: Prenatal to Five receives matching funds (In-Kind) for the time you have invested in sharing these kindergarten readiness skill with your child.

In-Kind is also a good way to give yourself credit for the time and attention you are
contributing to your child's Head Start experience. It is really vital to return the Monthly Goal and Progress Form each month.

can also be earned for Head Start: Prenatal to Five when you attend parent committee meetings, or Policy Council meetings. If a parent volunteers in the classroom, the program also earns In-Kind.  Volunteering in the classroom pays off in many ways. It generates funding for the program, allows you to get to know your child's routine, classmates and teachers and can give you work experience that strengthens your resume. Parents can also contribute to In-Kind by donating items that the program would normally have to purchase. Examples of a donation that counts as In-Kind would be a box of crayons because that is an art supply that Head Start would normally purchase. An example of a donation that doesn't count as In-Kind would be clothing. The purchase of clothing is not a part of the Head Start supply budget. Community members can also help us to match our non-federal share of funding when they contribute their time and expertise or materials to EdAdvance Head Start: Prenatal to Five.