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Our primary job as the Parent-Teacher Organization is to strengthen our school community.  To do this, we build connections between caregivers; students; faculty; administration, and local agencies.   As a member, you have the opportunity to be more involved in your child’s education.  Three words define the role of the PCS-PTO:Family, Fundraising and Communication. 

We believe that families are the heart of the PCS community.  As a result, our PTO sponsors annual events that promote family involvement.  Our goal is to provide bonding experiences that students will cherish for years to come.   These events are free to PCS families, because part of the PTO’s mission is to offer all families an opportunity to grow stronger.  Fundraising is also an integral part of what we do.   All profits are re-invested in the school community in the form of enrichment activities, field trips, scholarships and family events.  Every one of our students will benefit from each dollar earned.

 The PTO is a valuable communication tool. Your membership will help to build connections between you and your child’s teachers, the school staff and administrators.  

We realize that your time is valuable, but please remember that any and all help is welcomed and can make the difference!!!

Box Tops can be sent in to students classroom in a ziploc bag. 
Please make sure student name and teacher are clearly 
displayed on the outside. 

Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the PCS Cafeteria. Complimentary babysitting is provided.

We invite everyone to join us at a meeting and see how you can help improve your child's school experience. 

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