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Math Websites for Practice

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THINK CENTRAL-K-5 online math support

SumDog-fun math games for grades 1-5 K-5 reading and math games

Fun 4 the Brain -quizzes students practice math facts -K-5 games

Turtle Diary Math Games -math games

Math Fact Cafe -can print practice sheets and flashcards

Math Magician - fun fact practice

Illuminations Five Frame -great for Kindergarten

Illuminations Ten Frame -number partners to 10 & adding

Dreambox Interactive tools -K through grade 5

Funbrain Math TicTacToe -tic tac toe and practice facts

DICE GAME -practicing doubles facts and facts to 12

TWO LESS THAN GAME - practice 2 less than

Thinking Blocks -bar modeling - videos

Shark Numbers – Great for practicing place value

100's Chart Game - practice finding the target number

Add 10 on the 100's Chart -10 more than practice

Free Apps

The Math Learning Center Apps - Number Rack, Geoboard, Number Pieces(Place Value Blocks)

Math Tappers Apps - Numberline, Multiples, Estimate Fractions, ClockMaster, Find Sums, and Equivalents. These are sometimes hard to find on the app store. You can find a link at


Tally Tots Counting

Pirate Trio - Shapes and Puzzles

Little Monkey Apps – Subitizing


Little Monkey Apps - Domino Addition and Subitising Flash Cards

Geoboard App - The Math Learning Center

Math Motion Zoom - the number line activity for Kindergarten

Pirate Trio - Shapes and Puzzles

The Subitize Tree

Math Tappers - Find Sums

Hungry Guppy

10 Frame Fill

1st Grade

Math Tappers Apps - Find Sums

Little Monkey Apps - Number Lines, Subitising Flash Cards, Domino Addition, Missing Number, and Place Value

Hungry Fish and Hungry Guppy

Geoboard - from The Math Learning Center

Ten Frame Fill

2nd Grade

Math Tappers Apps - Find Sums, and ClockMaster Little

Monkey Apps - Domino Addition, Missing Number, and Place

Value and Mystery Number

Kakooma Addition

Hungry Fish

Geoboard - from The Math Learning Center

Math Motion Zoom

Number Pieces - from the Math Learning Center

Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory - place value

Garfield Mental Math

Math Stretch - covers many different math concepts

3rd Grade

Math Tappers Apps - Multiples

Kakooma Addition and Multiplication

Hungry Fish

Sushi Monster

Math Stretch

Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory Place Value

4th and 5th Grade

Math Motion Zoom - excellent decimal practice

Kakooma Addition and Multiplication

Astro Math - practice your factors and multiples

Hungry Fish

Sushi Monster - Addition and Subtraction

Pizza Fractions

Math Motion Zoom - great for decimal practice

Thinking Blocks - Addition and Subtraction

Thinking Blocks - Multiplication and Division

Math Vocabulary

 Family Game Ideas

 Go Fish A family favorite and so many ways you can play! The original version of matching numbers is great for PreK and K children. First graders play and find sums to 10. For example: I have a 4 in my hand so I ask if anyone has a 6 to make a sum of 10. Second and Third graders can also play and make up creative versions in which after you match a number you add or multiply the numbers.

Concentration or Memory You can use cards to play similar games to match numbers or find numbers that equal ten.

Addition or Multiplication Top-it All you need is a deck of cards! Each player turns over two cards and either adds or multiplies the cards. The player with the higher answer keeps all the cards. 

Yahtzee This is a fun way to practice your facts and think about numbers! The original game is best for grades 2 and 3.

Bedtime Math

The Bedtime Math website offers great math problems and stories specific to different ages. You can sign up to receive daily emails with this math information and discuss it regularly with your children. Try and add it into your nighttime story routine! Check it out at


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