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100 chart explanation on how to use  

Dear Parents,

Your children have been learning multiple ways to solve problems in math. One strategy that the children are using when adding or subtracting 2 digit numbers is the use of a hundreds chart. We have attached one to the homework pack this week for your child to keep at home for future use. We will also put it on our classroom website. The children have been using this strategy in class and are familiar with how to use the chart as well as other strategies involving regrouping (borrowing/carrying).

When using this strategy students need to:

1. Locate the top number on the hundreds chart.

2.  Identify the digit in the ones place of the bottom /second number and either go forward that many spaces if they are adding or back that many if they are subtracting.

3.  Finally they will identify the digit in the tens place of the bottom /second number and count up that many rows if adding or back that many tens if they are subtracting.

We know this may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. Your child should be able to demonstrate this for you. It is a great strategy to use because it really solidifies their number sense (understanding of numbers and how they work) as well as their understanding of the hundreds chart.  We want your children to understand that moving left to right on the chart is an increase or decrease of one and that moving up or down on the chart is an increase or decrease of ten depending on the direction.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call your child’s teacher. Remember this is one strategy that can be used. If your child prefers a different way of solving problems that is fine as long as they can explain how they obtained their answers.

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